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Complications theories: 11 Secrets the leading man could be hiding

What kind of secrets is John keeping in Complications? Time to bust out some theories.

USA will debut a new series this summer, and it’s definitely going to be a part of the darker feel the network has been going for with shows like Graceland and Satisfaction. In this latest series, Jason O’Mara plays a doctor whose life is already in turmoil when he is forced to become a hero in order to save a child’s life during a drive-by shooting.

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1. He’s a spy

I’m gonna be honest and say I didn’t really see anything in the preview that would support this theory, I just like the idea that John is hiding this secret life and he’s really a spy.

2. He’s having an affair with one of his nurses

I know this is a well-used plot point, but I thought I spotted some chemistry between John and the nurse who helps him out. In the preview, she gives him a look that seems to tell me there’s some history there. What kind of history it is, I’m not sure.

3. He’s ex-military or law enforcement

Just by the way John picked up the gun in the preview, I have to wonder if he’s got some training under his belt. If he does have previous training, maybe he got it in the military or in law enforcement. It would certainly make for an interesting backstory.

4. He and his wife are in the witness protection program

The reason I like this theory is that I just feel like John is more than he seems. That could lead to a lot of possible explanations, but one of those could be that his current life is brand new. I’m sure he was a doctor (because the witness protection program can’t exactly turn you into one if you’re not already), but the rest of his life could have been completely different.

5. He’s an ex-criminal

This also goes along with my theory that John couldn’t have just picked up a gun and killed somebody without knowing how to use a weapon. There are ways to get that training by being a good guy, but there are also ways of doing it that involve being bad. So maybe he used to be a hardened criminal and this new incident is going to bring his past back to haunt him.

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6. He’s an assassin

If he’s not ex-military, law enforcement or a criminal, then the only other explanation I can think of is assassin. Maybe he decided to give up that life and become a doctor to make up for all the lives he took in his past.

7. He’s not really a doctor

This is another theory that doesn’t have a lot of evidence to back it up in the preview video, but if we’re talking about secrets here, that would be a doozy. Just imagine what would happen to his life if that bit of information got out.

8. He used to be in a gang

I know, I’m grasping at more straws here, but with a preview that brings in the gang element, how could my brain not go there? It’s totally a long shot, yet it would explain his need to get involved in saving the boy’s life from the rival gang members.

9. He’s got super powers

No, the preview doesn’t hint in any way that this series is going to be based in the supernatural. That doesn’t mean I can’t toss out a wild theory. I mean, come on, how amazing would that be?

10. He’s a robot

This one is pretty much like the super powers theory but taken to a different level. This is what could be possible if the series was set in a sci-fi universe, and frankly, I like it.

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11. His whole life is a dream

The show is called Complications and boy, does it look like John will be dealing with a lot of those. What if it turns out that the reason it seems like no one could have the bad luck he does is that it’s not really happening? Maybe John was in an accident and the whole series will be the dreams he has while in a coma.

We’ll have to wait until Complications premieres this summer on USA to find out if any of my crazy theories turn out to be true. Have you got any theories of your own based on the preview?

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