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6 Reasons why Shondaland will be ruined by American Crime

Whoever thought that American Crime belonged on Thursday nights was dead wrong. Here are a few reasons why.

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To be very clear, I’m not saying this looks like a bad show. From the clips I’ve seen, this looks like some really good TV. The acting is amazing and the storyline is heartbreaking and intricate. What I am saying is that this show doesn’t belong as part of the “TGIT” lineup.

It’s kind of a downer

Just watch a few clips of this series and you’ll be wanting to grab the tissues. Not that any of Shonda Rhimes’s shows haven’t brought on the tears, but they aren’t only about pain. You can usually expect some action and laughs mixed in with the drama.

It will break up the whole Shondaland vibe

Shondaland is the epitome of WTF television. If you haven’t watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal or How to Get Away With Murder and had at least one “OMG! WTF just happened?!” moment, then you’re doing it wrong. Something tells me we won’t be having those moments on American Crime.

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It’s kind of lacking in the pretty

I’m sorry. I know that sounds awful and shallow and I feel terrible just saying it, but it is kind of true. American Crime just doesn’t have that hotness factor that the other TGIT shows have.

It’s not as crazy as Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy since pretty much day one, and the main reason I love it is because I can never predict what is going to happen on that show. Will American Crime have that same insanity? Something tells me it won’t.

It’s not as sexy as Scandal

When you follow a show like Scandal, people can’t help but to compare you to it, and the word that comes to mind when I think of Scandal is “sexy.” I can’t say that I would ever use that word to describe American Crime.

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It’s not as shocking as How to Get Away With Murder

Considering that American Crime starts out with a horrible murder, you’d think that it would be shocking. But nothing can really compare to the shock level that has been set by How to Get Away With Murder. They’ve set the bar high, and I don’t see American Crime making it.

What do you think of American Crime being added to what used to be Shondaland on Thursday nights?

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