Did Draco Malfoy get sorted wrong? J.K. Rowling responds

Pottermore sorted Draco Malfoy into a wildly different house than he actually wound up in — but despite putting him there herself, J.K. Rowling isn’t the least bit surprised.

Actor Tom Felton, who brought the sly, ambitious Draco Malfoy to life in the Harry Potter movies, finally got around to joining the Pottermore website and of course began by asking the Sorting Hat which house he would belong to — only to get a huge surprise.

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Is the Sorting Hat broken? How did the ultimate Slytherin get put into Gryffindor alongside Harry, Ron and Hermione? Turns out, Felton is just a much nicer guy than Malfoy — and even J.K. Rowling knows that.

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To be fair, Felton does seem like a much kinder, gentler wizard than Malfoy.


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