Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: 9 Reasons we love Tituss Burgess

The first trailer for Tina Fey and Ellie Kemper’s new Netflix comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was just released and we’re peeing our pants from laughing. While Kemper and Jane Krakowski are always funny, it’s another face that sticks out most. Meet Tituss Burgess.

One quick troll through Tituss Burgess’ Twitter feed will have you madly in love with the singer/comedian. He dotes on his friends and chats with fans better than anyone out there. But does the average TV viewer or Netflix binge-watcher know who he is? We dug around and found some truly awesome things about Burgess that are just too good not to share.

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1. He should definitely look familiar

Hey, 30 Rock fans — if Burgess doesn’t look familiar to you, then you’re not paying attention. Before nabbing his role on Kimmy Schmidt, he spent time on Fey’s other comedy, 30 Rock, as D’Fwan, a member of Tracy Jordan’s wife’s entourage. He wasn’t around a lot, but when he was, he stole the show.

2. He’s known for his amazing tenor

Burgess isn’t just an actor, though. He’s also a trained musician. He excelled in theater in high school and went on to get a BA in music in college. That voice has actually given him more acclaim than his acting.

3. He was the very first Sebastian

If you were stoked about The Little Mermaid coming to Broadway, you’ll be familiar with Burgess and his voice that way, too. During its initial run, Burgess held the part of that awesome red crab under the sea.

4. And he’s the exception to the rule

Because of that powerful voice and immense talent, Stephen Sondheim gave special permission for Burgess to play the role of the Witch in a Miami theatrical version of Into the Woods. Way to kick those skinny white women stereotypes out the window.

5. He’s released an album

In 2012, Burgess released Comfortable. He told The Huffington Post that he originally recorded 25 songs and had a rough time narrowing it down to the story told in the 11 songs on the album. The title track, by the way, is something he wrote years before and tells the very personal story of his sexuality.

6. He does Adele better than Adele

Need a tease of that amazing voice? Check out this cover of “Someone Like You.” We’re blown away.

7. Of course, he’s been with us on holidays, too

He also performed at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Don’t remember? Thanks, Twitter, for finding that moment.

8. He’s gay and a Christian

This is so noteworthy. There’s a lot of hate out there from certain sects of the “Christian” church. It’s important to recognize that there are plenty of Christians who love and accept gays. It’s equally as important to recognize that many in the LGBT community love and accept God. Burgess has found a way to reconcile his religion and his sexuality. Now, if only the rest of America could do the same.

9. He’s pretty much the star of the show

Listen, we love Ellie Kemper. But in this first trailer for Kimmy Schmidt, it’s Burgess who stands out among the cast.

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