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The Royals: 13 Wild Dynasty moments we need on the show


The Royals already has Joan Collins in the cast, so why not borrow some moments from her famous role in Dynasty?

By now you’ve probably heard about E!’s first scripted series about a fictitious royal family. I was given the opportunity to watch the first three episodes, and let me tell you, it’s nothing at all what I expected. If you’re looking for a straight-up parody, you won’t find it in this series. It’s got a lot of drama and heart, but also delivers on laughs, as well.

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But you don’t have to believe me. E! has so much faith in the new series that it has already given it a Season 2 before the show has even premiered. Talk about confidence.

At the recent Television Critics Association panel for the series, another exciting announcement was made: Joan Collins would be playing the queen’s (Elizabeth Hurley) mother. After giving us that bit of news, the lady herself walked out on stage, much to the delight of the room full of press.

Once she was there, talk of course turned to the role that made Collins famous — Alexis Carrington on Dynasty. Hurley especially enjoyed one aspect of the show.

“I watched your fights for hours. It was the best TV,” Hurley told Collins on stage.

“We were the first people to do fights!” said Collins.

The Royals may not be a parody, but it still has a lot of fun and I think there are plenty of wild moments from Dynasty that it could borrow.
This one gets high points for being an all-out, knock-down, drag-out battle and, really, something like this could happen between any of the characters on the show.
Bonus points for the shin-kicking that happens in this one. I think it would be extra hilarious if this fight happened between two guys.
Depending on the event, I could see this possibly happening between Queen Helena (Hurley) and her daughter (Merritt Patterson). I would love to know who would get to stay in the dress and who would have to change.
This one happens in a pool. Is there really anything else that needs to be said?
There’s nothing better than a good slap fight. I especially enjoyed the ultra-realistic (read: not) sound effects. The Royals could totally have a ball with this one.
Someone just needs to bust out dancing by themselves in the middle of the crowd. I’m voting for the Grand Duchess of Oxford, aka the queen’s mother (Collins).

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More spectacular special effects happening here. I want this recreated, frame by frame, hopefully involving someone we all come to truly hate on the show.
Krystle doesn’t just use a mannequin arm as a weapon, she also hits Alexis in the ass with it. This clip is made of so much win and, again, would be even better if recreated by two male characters.
Seriously, couldn’t you see this one happening in a show about the royal family? I mean, it starts outside a riding stable in a horses’ watering trough and ends up in mud. It’s truly magnificent.
I don’t know if I see the queen tossing out her husband’s things and kicking him out of the palace, but maybe it could happen with one of the younger royals and their significant other.
There are so many things I love about this one, I hardly know where to begin. It’s basically a pillow fight and I’m picturing this happening between the two obnoxious cousins on the show.
I’d hate to see this happen to the king and queen, but you have to admit, it would make for one heck of a wild moment on The Royals.

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I am having a hard time picturing anyone in the royal family going to a fortune-teller, except maybe for Cyrus (Jake Maskall). That’s something that I could possibly see him doing.

Check out The Royals when it premieres on Sunday, March 15 at 10/9c on E!

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