Anne Hathaway's New Year's resolution shows off her distorted body image

Jan 21, 2015 at 11:31 p.m. ET
Image: Ivan Nikolov/

I'm all for New Year's resolutions — Jan. 1 is a great time to wipe the slate clean and get in the mind-set to accomplish some new goals. But Anne Hathaway's resolution makes me sad for the star.

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The Interstellar star wants to be more like Jessica Chastain in 2015. There are so many great reasons to want to be like Chastain — she's talented, intelligent and philanthropic — but Hathaway's reason proves a sad stereotype.

"I remember we were both at a luncheon, and I was sitting next to her and I asked her: 'So what's the first thing you're gonna eat Monday?' And she said, 'What do you mean?'" Hathaway said in a recent interview with Us Weekly. "I said, 'Monday when we can eat again — what's the first thing you're going to eat?'" Hathaway continued of their conversation. "And she goes, 'Oh, yeah. I don't do that!' She doesn't worry about it. She just shows up, and is who she is, so my New Year's resolution is to be more like Jessica Chastain."

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Giving up food to look better for award shows? A resolution to leave that behind is a very healthy change.

As a '90s kid, I grew up learning self-confidence from Hathaway's Princess Mia in The Princess Diaries. Did Hathaway not learn anything from her own movie? Because giving up eating until Monday just to look good for an event doesn't sound like something Mia would do.

It's hard for me to say I understand the unique pressures that come with living a public, Hollywood life. But I can say that Hathaway is thin and gorgeous by any sane person's standards. Her choices about her body are sending the wrong message — healthy is pretty. Confident is pretty. Anne can easily be both of those things — Chastain is, so striving to be like her is a great first step.

Good for Anne for making the decision to be better to her body this year. It's been 14 years since she taught us to love ourselves — and our flaws — in The Princess Diaries. It's about time she listened to her own message.

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