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Jay Leno speaks out against Bill Cosby by speaking for women

Jay Leno may be a comedian, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take the allegations against Bill Cosby seriously. In fact, when asked about the allegations, the former Tonight Show host made some impressive points about the way America is handling the accusations and the women who are recounting their experiences.

“I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe women,” Leno said during an NATPE interview on Wednesday.

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“You go to Saudi Arabia and you need two women to testify against a man,” Leno added. “Here you need 25.”

Leno addressed the Cosby allegations after he was asked about Larry Wilmore’s new show on Comedy Central called The Nightly Show. Wilmore spent his entire premiere follow-up episode on Tuesday night covering the Cosby controversy.

“We’re answering the question, did he do it?” Wilmore said during the program. “The answer will be yes.

“I’m telling you the motherf***er did it,” he added.

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Wilmore brought up similar points to Leno during his show, “Why aren’t people listening to these women?” he asked. “Is it because most of this allegedly happened so long ago? Is it because some of them went into Cosby’s hotel room alone? Is it because there are no Polaroids? Is it because he’s so famous? Or is it just because they’re women?”

According to Wilmore, 35 women to date have come forward alleging sexual assault against Cosby, yet the comedian is currently touring without pause. Wilmore said the tour was in “poor taste,” regardless of Cosby’s guilt or innocence, and I have to agree. It’s like Cosby just expects these allegations to go away. Either that or he’s banking on his fame one last time before being held accountable for his actions.

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Leno had nothing but praise for Wilmore, saying he thought the show brought a “different perspective” that late night TV has been missing until now.

Are you surprised people still doubt Cosby’s guilt even after so many women have come forward?

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