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SPOILER: Undateable‘s Bianca Kajlich teases Season 2 romance news


What’s up for Leslie in the next season of Undateable? Star Bianca Kajlich gives us the deets.

After kicking butt and taking names in its first season, the rookie NBC series is set to return for Season 2 with a new cast member, which made Kajlich very happy.

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“We have Bridgit [Mendler], who has come in now,” Kajlich said about the new addition. “So it’s good to have another female cohort in the bar.”

Kajlich described Mendler’s character as quirky and a bit of an oddball. “She has a little ‘foot in mouth’ disease and says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

“It’s much more ensemble-y this year,” Kajlich said about the vibe going into Season 2. “Whereas I think last year they were doing more with Chris [D’Elia] and Brent [Morin]. They are still the focus, they tie the show together, but it’s definitely more of an ensemble show now, which is nice for all of us.”

There’s also some possible romance news coming for Kajlich’s character, Leslie, and it’s all kinds of adorable. “I think we’re still flirting with the whole Burski/Leslie thing,” Kajlich said, referring to the unusual relationship between Leslie and one of the dorkiest guys in the gang. You wouldn’t think a gal like Leslie would go for a guy like Burski, but there’s definitely a spark there.

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While Kajlich said she doesn’t know for sure what will happen between the two, she said, “It’s a nice little thing to play with. I like it because I think it’s very real. Every girl wants to believe that you’re going to get the hot ’10’ model, perfect guy and you always just end up finding that the guy that’s right underneath your nose is the one for you.”

Being on the show has been beneficial to Kajlich, and even to her new baby. She was two months pregnant when the show began filming Season 1 and her days on the set were always filled with laughter. “I felt like I was giving my child such a gift because I was laughing all the time and my spirits were so high. Now that I’m a new mom, it’s great because I’m so tired and I go in there and it really makes me feel good.”

The only drawback to laughing so hard is the need for numerous takes and lots of makeup reapplication. “It’s really hard though because I lose it,” Kajlich said. “Every episode there’s one take where we have to stop and reapply my makeup because I cry laughing.

“These boys are so gifted in their comedy,” Kajlich said about her cast mates. “I don’t understand that, I don’t have that myself, to pull something up so quickly and have it there and have it be so relatable and funny that everybody just dies laughing.”

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Be sure to catch all the laughs when Undateable premieres for its second season on Tuesday, March 17 at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

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