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Victoria Secret’s Super Bowl commercial is like nothing we’ve ever seen before (VIDEO)


We always suspected that Victoria’s Secret models were more than fragile little angels, and now there’s cold-hard proof. The ever-popular lingerie and apparel company debuted a sneak peek of its new Valentine’s Day Super Bowl commercial on Wednesday, and it’s totally not what you would expect from Victoria’s Secret.

In commercials past, we’ve been inundated with scantily clad supermodels with amazingly chiseled, yet shapely, bodies. We’ve seen Adriana Lima carefully apply lipstick and slowly slide her stockings up her leg to a garter belt as she murmurs, “Give and you shall receive.” We’ve seen Doutzen Kroes pull back her silky VS robe to reveal a perfectly ample bosom and we’ve watched as Candice Swanepoel lounges by the pool in her underwear as she slowly sips a cocktail from a straw. In a nutshell, most Victoria’s Secret commercials in the past have done a pretty bang-up job of turning women into sexual objects.

But while watching the newest spot, you’ll immediately notice two things to be conspicuously missing: nudity and lingerie. Not only are Lily Aldridge, Behati Prinsloo, Kroes, Lima and Swanepoel all fully clothed throughout the entire commercial, they’re also adorned in head-to-toe football uniforms, complete with helmets and padding.

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Instead of writhing around on a bed or seductively walking a runway, the models are displaying their athletic prowess and showing that females are physically adept at sports. They run, jump, hike and dive to catch a football, all while looking somewhat androgynous in their pads. Gone are the delicate girls in their underwear and in their place stand some pretty kick-ass women. Women who are not only extremely athletic, but who are also completely supportive of one another.

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As you watch the commercial, the anticipation of the shedding of uniforms never goes away, but as the ad comes to a close, the only articles removed are helmets, revealing perfectly coiffed hair. We love the girl power message so much, we almost forgive Victoria’s Secret for all its sexist Super Bowl ads of days past.

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It’s super encouraging to see Victoria’s Secret empowering its customer base. We can only hope that other companies will take a page out of their book and go the way of Victoria’s Secret and Under Armour, who also launched a campaign, I Will What I Want, last year, celebrating the inner and outer strength of women. Bravo!
Video: Victoria’s Secret/YouTube

Again, this was just a sneak peek, so be sure to tune in Feb. 1 for a brand-new Victoria’s Secret commercial.

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