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The Walking Dead trailer: 11 Things we need to know right now

The Walking Dead has released another trailer for the rest of Season 5, and it has left us with a lot more questions than answers.

We’ve still got over two weeks to go before the long winter hiatus is over for TWD, and the show keeps on releasing these trailers that give out just enough information to leave me salivating for more. The latest trailer has a lot of clips from upcoming episodes, which has me asking a ton of questions about what we’re going to see in the rest of this season.

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What do they “need to do”?

In the voice-over at the beginning of the trailer, Rick says, “We do what we need to do and then we get to live.”

But what exactly is it that they need to do? Is he just speaking about something general, like they need to find shelter and a place devoid of walkers? Or is he being more specific? Now that the idea of a cure is gone and the rescue mission for Beth is over, could they have found something else that they need to accomplish?

Is Rick planning to settle down?

It seems like every time they try to settle down, something happens that proves just how terrible an idea that is. Sitting still in one spot for too long is a good way to get into trouble, so when Rick talks about getting to live, is that what he means? Or will they find a way to live while still staying on the move?

Where are they going?

If Rick is planning to find a permanent place for all of them, I have to wonder where he thinks that will be. They weren’t able to stay safe behind the walls of a prison, so what other location will give them what they need? At one point, I thought being away from civilization would be a good idea, but the disaster at Hershel’s farm proved that theory wrong. The only other option I can think of is maybe out to sea. Seriously, if they found a ship that could possibly work.

Who’s going to break down first?

The tragedies just keep piling higher and higher on the group. The latest loss was Beth, so I’m betting that Maggie will be the next one to lose it. I don’t know if she’ll go as far as Rick and start seeing ghosts of Beth, but anything is possible.

How many walkers can the group take on by hand?

At one point in the trailer, Rick and Michonne are seen killing some walkers wandering down a road. I know we’ve seen this many times but I can’t help but think of how many walkers they could handle hand-to-hand if they had to. I used to think anything over maybe a dozen would be too much, but I’m starting to think that number has gotten a lot bigger.

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What’s up with all the body parts?

Another point in the trailer shows what looks like a field littered with human body parts. There are not just arms and legs, but entire upper and lower bodies. What is up with that? Walkers don’t usually leave bits around — they tend to eat an entire body when they start chowing down. My first thought was another group of cannibals, but that’s probably not likely either.

Why is Ricking driving a car all alone?

Rick does seem to be driving all by himself in another part of the video. Is he off scouting for places for them to go? Is there another rescue mission in the works? It’s definitely not good when he’s off by himself.

Did they find a new place?

In another part of the trailer, we can see Rick and Michonne running away from what looks like large gates. Could this be a new place for them to live? It doesn’t look like a prison, though, so I wondered if it was a school or maybe even a gated neighborhood.

Where are Maggie and Glenn trapped?

All we see of them are flashes of what looks like lightning and the two of them, with possibly more people, trying to hold a door closed. I’m going to bet that there are walkers on the other side of those doors, but it’s a mystery as to where they are and how the walkers found them there.

What is Tyreese doing?

Those gates that Michonne and Rick are away running from: I also wondered if they could be from a gated neighborhood. Because later in the trailer we see Tyreese in front of a bunch of houses. But the thing is, it looks like he’s trying to stop someone from going inside. We know that homes can be full of walkers, but they can also have a lot of supplies. So if Tyreese is stopping someone from going inside, he must have a really good reason.

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Can they really find hope?

A message appears between the clips: Beyond fear, find hope. As much as I want this to happen for the survivors, I don’t know how realistic that is. Perhaps they can find hope for a little while, but will it ever be permanent? That may be a long way away for them.

What did you think of the new trailer for The Walking Dead? What questions do you have after watching it?

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