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Kate Hudson reacts to her brother’s hilarious nude post (PHOTO)


Kate Hudson loves her brothers, but she’s warning the world about her older brother Oliver Hudson and his tendency to partake in crazy antics.

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The Wish I Was Here actress’s brother only recently joined Instagram, but he is determined to make the most of it, as his latest post proves.

The Rules of Engagement actor took to Instagram on Sunday, Jan. 18, to share a picture of some beautiful mountain scenery that he was enjoying nude. Yes, you read that right: he was completely naked. Oliver shared a picture from behind that shows off his intense farmer tan and his perky butt, which he hilariously captioned, “No place like home… #notanlines.”

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No place like home… #notanlines

A post shared by Oliver Hudson (@theoliverhudson) on

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While most of his followers seemed impressed by the picture, with comments including “Thanks to your exposure on usweekly, you are about to gain a gazillion followers (including myself),” “Nice white ass!!” and “Nice Nice Baby,” his baby sister was less impressed.

Commenting on the picture, Hudson wrote, “Is this really necessary?”

Don’t say he didn’t warn you. When Oliver joined Instagram, he told his fans that they would be experiencing the real Oliver, “No filters no inhibitions.. Just me both figuratively and literally.. butt naked.. Cheers!!” he wrote on his first Instagram picture, and just seven pictures later, he delivered on the butt-naked part.

Hudson previously welcomed her brother to Instagram by warning her 858,000 followers that they could expect a lot of crazy pictures from him.

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She wrote, “I would like to take a moment to introduce my big brother @theoliverhudson to Instagram. I apologize for him in advance…If you’re into chest hair selfies and golfing pics, he’s your guy. Happy he has taken the leap to Instagram and I already know that myself and my other brothers will be at the mercy of his public account because that’s just how he works. I’m afraid, very afraid…but bring it on Hudson! #LoveMyBrothers #OliverHudson.”

We’re sure this is not the last picture of Oliver Hudson’s butt we’ll be treated to, either!

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