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Why Fifty Shades’ Dakota Johnson won’t be filming any more movies in 2015


Dakota Johnson might not be a name you know yet, but you soon will.

You’d think someone who is getting ready to be recognized worldwide as the smitten, smart and adventurous Anastasia Steele would be fearless, right?

Well, you’d be wrong.

Dakota Johnson is the actress who, in just a few short weeks, will be thrust into the limelight with a jolt and a pretty hard shove. But for those dwindling days, she will be hanging onto her anonymity with both hands, and you will have to tear it away from her kicking and screaming.

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Johnson will be taking the spotlight for one of the most highly hyped and anticipated films. So, she will be a lot of things, but anonymous is not one of them.

In February’s issue of Vogue, the actress said, “I think about my dwindling anonymity. And that’s really scary because a very large part of me would be perfectly happy living on a ranch in Colorado and having babies and chickens and horses, which I will do anyway.”

How very Anastasia Steele of her.

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The Vogue story paints a perfect picture of a girl who, as many have said, “may not have wrapped her head around her coming fame.”

Johnson said she plans to do her promotions for the film and then lie as low as possible for a while. “I’ll do a bit of press for Fifty, and then I’m just going to take the rest of the year off. I want to hang out with my friends. I want to hang out with my family — well, I sometimes want to hang out with my family!”

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This down-to-earth girl is nothing like what we’d expect from someone who is going to (hopefully) bare it all in the sheets with steamy costar, Jamie Dornan. But there it is, she is the consummate Ms. Steele, all demur and bookish. Perhaps those casting folks do know what they’re doing, after all.

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