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Jamie Dornan just described the size of his junk

We already know we won’t be seeing Jamie Dornan’s most private bits when he hits the big screen as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades film adaptation Feb. 13.

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But we will be seeing something else the actor would rather have kept private: his “O” face.

It’s the worst thing imaginable,” he told Variety in a recent profile. “For all the reasons anyone would think, most people would like to keep their sex face private. The idea of a million people seeing that! I hope it happens quite fast.”

That’s not the only thing we learned about Dornan, who signed on for the controversial role after Sons of Anarchy star, Charlie Hunnam, suddenly dropped out. For example, even though he’s been adamant about refusing to bare all onscreen, he reveals what will be hiding under the flesh-colored pouch he’ll reportedly wear during the love scenes in Fifty Shades.

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“It’s like one of those little satchels that Robin Hood or someone of that era would have tied onto his belt,” Dornan said. “There’s no back. It’s tiny. I mean, it’s not tiny! Because it’s got to hold a lot.”

According to Variety, Dornan read all three books and consulted with a kink expert to cram for the role.

“He’s a guru, and a dominant,” he explained. “We had some good chats with him. And then there was the practical side of things. How do you use this? I’ve never held that! I learned all sorts of tricks that will support me throughout my life.”

It wasn’t quite enough for Dornan, though, who still struggled with some of the props. But he said he was able to pick up the skills and techniques with practice.


“There’s probably a technique to using a whip,” the Irish actor explained. “I wasn’t very talented at it. But I got there in the end. It’s really like fly fishing.”

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