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Jon Stewart’s response to Huckabee’s new Beyoncé insults is spot-on (VIDEO)

Lesson learned: Don’t mess with Beyoncé unless you want to feel the wrath of awesomeness that is Jon Stewart.

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Politician Mike Huckabee was a guest on The Daily Show with Stewart and tried to use Queen Bey as an example of the problem with female role models.

“The thing that disturbs me when you see Beyoncé — who is a role model to young girls — young girls want to be like her,” the politician tried to explain to Stewart. “Do you know any parent who has a daughter that says, ‘Honey, if you make really good grades, someday, when you’re 12 or 13, we’ll get you your own stripper pole.'”

Huckabee probably really doesn’t want to know the answer to that question… we’re guessing it’s a bigger number than America would ever admit to.

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But, I digress… because stripper poles aside, Huckabee has no right to go after Beyoncé. Now, if he wanted to take on Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, we’d be all for that as a bad role model example. But Beyoncé?

Luckily, Stewart was there to defend the singer on behalf of Americans everywhere.

“I think that’s diminishing Beyoncé in a way that’s truly outrageous,” Stewarts responds.

And to prove it, Stewart cuts to a video of Ted Nugent performing “Cat Scratch Fever” on Fox News. Here’s just a preview of the lyrics: “Well, I make the pussy purr with the stroke of my hand.”


But it isn’t Ted Nugent who draws the attention. It’s Mike Huckabee strummin’ away on the bass.

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“Do you see my point?” Stewart asks.

The host continues, “You excuse that type of crudeness because you agree with his stance on firearms. You don’t approve of Beyoncé because she seems alien to you.”

Well played, sir, well played.

We’d also like to correct Huckabee on another point: It isn’t just young girls who want to be like Beyoncé. We all want to be like Beyoncé. Don’t even try and deny it.

Check out the clip of Stewart’s interview with Huckabee for yourself and watch the former governor of Arkansas get owned.

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