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Kim Kardashian poses in a ‘furkini’ for Instagram (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian’s bodacious bod will not be stifled by frigid temps and piles of snow — not when there are custom-made bikinis to be rocked.

The selfie queen had someone else take the snapshots of her posing in a “furkini,” seemingly undaunted by the snow surrounding her. Little more than a few tufts of fluff held together by some white string, it’s a wonder Kardashian didn’t melt the ice around her.

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She even has matching boots.
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Kardashian and hubby, Kanye West (who is probably the one behind the lens on these images), were just taking a little winter break to ski in Utah last weekend, which is where we suspect these pics are from.

We also suspect PETA is not a fan, and it wouldn’t be the first time the reality star copped flak for wearing fur.

Tell us: Would you rock a furkini?

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