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Friends: What ever happened to Ross Geller’s son?

Remember Ben Geller, the adorable son of Friends‘ Ross and his ex, Carol? Well buckle up, because you’re about to feel old.

Ben, who was played by Cole Sprouse, was delightfully impish and loved to ask Ross questions like “What’s a virgin?” almost as if he knew that it would make his already awkward father squirm. When you think of Ben Geller, it probably conjures up images like this:

Image: giphy

When in reality, Sprouse’s appearances on the legendary TV show were nearly two decades ago and that little boy is now 22 years old and looks like this:

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We’re not sure which is more disturbing: saying “Ben Geller is hot” out loud or the fact that so much time has gone by.

Yes, time has indeed flown by since Sprouse portrayed Ben on the small screen, but the young actor hasn’t remained idle since Friends ended. In fact, Sprouse and his twin brother, Dylan, who shared the role of Adam Sandler’s son with his brother in Big Daddy, have actually made names for themselves in the wonderful world of Disney. The two starred in a super-popular Disney channel series, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which spun off into another show, The Suite Life on Deck, and led to appearances on other Disney shows, like Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana.

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Sprouse also seems to have developed a mature sense of humor. He started an Instagram with the handle camera_duels and it’s all pics of the actor sneaking snaps of fans who are taking photos of him. “This Instagram is dedicated to the people out there who secretly take photos of me, and how I take photos of them first,” his tagline reads. “May the fastest camera win.” It’s a hilarious way to put people on blast for infringing on his privacy.

Image: Cole Sprouse/Instagram

And get this, according to Sprouse’s Twitter account, he is a student at NYU studying archaeology. We can’t help but wonder if he was influenced by his TV dad, who was a professor of paleontology. Archaeology and paleontology aren’t identical sciences, but they are darn close.

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We think Ross would be pretty proud.

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