Craig Morgan tells Seth Rogen to GTFO of the US

Country singer Craig Morgan wants Seth Rogen banished from the USA after his remarks about American Sniper, but Morgan’s offense might be even worse.

Morgan took great offense to Rogen’s tweet that American Sniper reminded him of a Nazi propaganda film, but rather than simply state why he disagrees with the actor, he told him and anyone else who shares Rogen’s sentiments to leave the country — and that’s about as un-American as it gets.

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Basically, Morgan lambastes Rogen for criticizing a man who fought for our right to free speech — including Rogen’s right to say what he did — then tells Rogen to GTFO of the country for exercising that very right.

You can’t support free speech and those who fight for it only when it supports your own personal opinion. You can certainly disagree with what someone else thinks, but telling Rogen to leave America because he is doing something inherent to being an American is, well, un-American.

You can disagree with what you think Rogen was saying — and plenty of people do, quite vehemently — but that does not mean he is not worthy of his citizenship, because that is not the criteria for being an American.

And anyway, Rogen insists that we’ve got it all wrong and he never meant to insult the film — rather, he was simply making a cinematic comparison to the directorial style of Quentin Tarantino.

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While we have your eyes, we would like to extend a hearty “Thank you!” to our veterans who have sacrificed so much to defend Rogen’s, Morgan’s and our own right to voice our opinion on movies and whatever else we feel like running our mouths about.