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Benedict Cumberbatch introduces himself with horrible new names (VIDEOS)


You’ve got to admit: Benedict Cumberbatch is one heck of a name, and the English actor knows it. On Tuesday, Jan. 20, Jimmy Kimmel Live uploaded a skit with the Oscar nominee, and let’s just say he let the world wonder what it would be like if he went by a name like, you know, Chad.

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Kimmel started the conversation by gushing about The Imitation Game star, emphasizing that his name “might be the greatest name ever given to a human being.” We agree with you there, buddy. But what if he didn’t go by the name Benedict Cumberbatch? Would he still have the same pull and charisma? Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to find out. In a two-minute skit, the soon-to-be father tries out a series of pretty bad names and it’s totally hilarious.

Sitting in a candlelit bar, the actor greets the camera and offers his friendliest smile ever with the opening line, “Hi. My name is Chad.”

From a Seinfeld character to an NBC anchor and superheroes, it only gets ridiculous from there. As for SheKnows’ favorite line, Cumberbatch walks up to the bar and identifies himself by a moniker that we all remember from our childhood. “My name is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,” he says. “Oh, that’s your name, too? What are the chances?”

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After announcing last week that he and his fiancée Sophie Hunter are about to welcome their first child together, SheKnows decided to help out the soon-to-be parents with a few boy and girl names that might be able to measure up to that of good ol’ pops.

Watch all the hilarity unfold in the skit below and tell us which is your favorite Cumberbatch line.

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