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What is Mike Tyson doing on Madonna’s Rebel Heart soundtrack? (VIDEOS)

Even though it’s been a tumultuous few months of song leaks, it seems like Madonna still has some surprises up her sleeve when it comes to her new album, and one of them is going to sound all sorts of WTF-worthy.

On Monday, Jan. 19, the track list for the pop titan’s Rebel Heart surfaced via iTunes. Sure, most, if not all, of the track list is comprised of songs that hit the internet during the leakage, but all eyes fell on the features on track No. 9. On the song called “Iconic,” it seems like Madonna recruited an odd pairing with guest spots from Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson.

Yup, the retired professional boxer makes a vocal appearance on Madonna’s new LP. Let that sink in for a second. SheKnows has no idea what to really expect, but we figured that we’d dig into Mike’s musical past to see what he might be able to contribute to the record. We found (mostly) humor.

“Monster Mash”

Back in 2005, Tyson teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a live performance of the always enjoyable “Monster Mash” with Bobby Brown. While it’s not too random of a segment as it was for the Halloween episode of the late-night talk show, Tyson’s vocals might have been the scariest part of the number. Dressed as a vampire, he mumbled his way through every single word, making his performance completely and utterly inaudible.
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“In the Air Tonight”

Years later, Mike lent his vocals to The Hangover franchise with multiple appearances in the films with covers of Phil Collin’s “In the Air Tonight” and Murray Head’s “One Night in Bangkok.” We were confused, amused and stunned all at the same time.

“The Girl from Ipanema”

Later in 2011, Tyson still kept fans scratching their heads when he performed bossa nova hit “The Girl from Ipanema” during a Brazilian variety show called Huck’s Cauldron. Dressed in a white blazer and a top hat, he did his best to play it smooth and actually offer his best rendition of the song. This time, it was without the chuckle.
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Fast forward to 2012, Tyson teamed up with Kimmel once again to show some love to the Miami Heat and LeBron James. In a pre-recorded sketch, the former boxer performed an original cut called “LeBron.” It was completely amazing and disastrous all at the same time. With Tyson on guitar, he showed off a whole lot of love and off-key singing to the NBA player. Oh, yeah, he also ended the performance with a white dove.

What are you thoughts on Mike Tyson appearing on Madonna’s new album? Sound off in the comments below!

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