Dead Kennedys fans get shockingly and sexually carried away on stage

Jan 19, 2015 at 7:29 p.m. ET
Image: Anthony Stanley/

A couple took their punk rock love to a whole new and unbelievable level during a Dead Kennedys concert in Solana Beach, California on Thursday.

WARNING: This article contains some explicit material.

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During the band's third song, "Police Truck," two fans crept on stage and began having oral sex.

Photos of the incident flooded Reddit following the concert but, apparently, it was more shock than outrage. According to ABC's 10 News, the act wasn't anything but surprising since the police department hasn't received any formal complaints and no charges have been filed against the overzealous lovers.

"I think it was more an oddity, people just saw something strange for a few minutes," one concertgoer told 10 News.

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The band didn't stop singing even though the couple was doing their business on stage. They just kept on playing as fans kept on watching.

The lovers' identities also remain a mystery. And, in a world of social media, these two are lucky their names aren't being plastered across headlines. Of course, maybe they wouldn't mind since they're clearly all about some attention.

I'm going to go ahead and guess these two were under the influence of more than just the Dead Kennedys' raging music.

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According to concertgoers, following the oral sex, the couple took a few photos and then moved on to continue watching the show.

"Of course, we don't condone this activity in our establishment and security stopped it right away," a spokesperson for Belly Up Tavern, where the concert was held, told 10 News. "This is certainly a first for us."

For the sake of your coworkers and/or family, we've decided to refrain from posting the leaked Reddit photos in this article. Suffice it to say, they aren't PG and they will make your jaw drop.

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