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Galavant: 9 Things that need to happen in next week’s finale

With the final two episodes of Galavant airing next week, it’s become quite evident that time is running out for all our medieval musical comedy-related dreams to come to fruition. But we are nothing if not persistent to the point of annoyance.

So, in that spirit, here are our unabashed wishes for how Galavant will ride off into the Season 1 sunset.

1. The people come to realize the wonder that is King Richard

I’ve made absolutely no secret of the fact that I am a King Richard fangirl, and so it should come as no surprise to you that all I want is for the man to get some recognition from those around him. And not recognition for the kidnapping, killing, etc. he’s been doing, but recognition of his wonderfully luminous qualities and how he tries so hard, has a lot of depth and is really just an all-round stand-up guy. He burned vegetables to help others for Christ’s sake! It would be nice for everyone to give him a break and thank him for all the joy he’s brought to their lives. You know what they say, holding people against their will is a forgivable act as long as you have a cheery demeanor.

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2. King Richard and Gareth finally get together

Look, I think it’s fair to say that there is a lot of unresolved romantic tension between these two. Gareth will do anything the king asks and the king is constantly seeking Gareth’s input and assurance. They’d make a lovely couple, and I’d ship it about as hard as I ship anything these days. Gareth and King Richard forever!

3. The squire and Karen from Will & Grace go on a retreat together

Because both are assistants who, while completely entertaining, are actually entirely useless at performing the duties they’re employed to perform.

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4. King Richard hires competent security personnel

Because no one in his employ is even capable of locking a door.

5. The poor chef finds gold and starts a new, prosperous life

Heavens, if ever a character deserved a break, it’s the downtrodden chef. Now, although it’s not really the king’s fault that the chef’s life has been a luckless one so far (yes, I’m conveniently ignoring all those who refute this), the king could do this guy a solid and let him have some free time. Said free time would enable the chef to discover gold and go and make his life elsewhere. Perhaps with that lovely handmaiden in tow?

6. Galavant and King Richard get drunk and bond

By the looks of the photo above, it sure seems like this is going to happen. And I am doing a King Richard-worthy jig at the mere thought of it. You may also be interested to know that this photo now serves as the wallpaper on my phone.

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7. Galavant is named Medieval People magazine’s Sexiest Man on Horseback Alive

Because obviously.

8. Madalena gets a kick up the pants

After three weeks and six episodes of Madalena’s ‘tude, I’m about ready to take a drill to my television every time she comes on the screen. Not only has she left my man, Galavant, heartbroken, but she’s toying with my spirit animal (on all the non-horrible stuff), King Richard. There’s only one way to even the score with Madalena: Relegate her to serfdom.

9. Galavant takes that future he had planned with Madalena and applies it to Princess Isabella

The small cottage, the garden and the children — all of those things would look so much better if Madalena wasn’t a part of it. Princess Isabella and Galavant are a match made in espionage heaven and, with their respective amazing heads of hair, it’s their civic duty to procreate.

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