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Our Pitch Perfect drinking game will turn you into an inebriated Bella

Ohhh my God! We can’t even handle the news that Pitch Perfect is coming to network television. Do we own the DVD? Yes. Will we still watch it on ABC Family? Of course!

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If Pitch Perfect doesn’t become ABC Family’s new Harry Potter and get played pretty much every weekend, we’ll be crushed. With football season winding down, we barely have any reason to drink on Sunday! A reliable airing of Pitch Perfect and this fantastic drinking game is absolutely the best way to send another weekend to the graveyard. (Warning: Accompanying hangover might make Monday even worse.)

We don’t recommend playing this beast with shots. Using a sip-able beverage is for your own good. It’s a college movie, sooo… Natty Lite?

Take one sip every time…

…They add “aca” in front of a word

…Becca is called “Becky”

…The announcers appear

…Someone breaks the Bellas’ “rules”

…Benji performs magic

…Amy’s input is basically ridiculous

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Take two sips every time…

…Stacie talks about having sex

…Jesse hits on Becca

…You can’t hear Lily

…Amy is called “Fat Amy”

Chug the glass

Though Pitch Perfect is pretty, well, perfect, there are some truly absurd moments that deserve a little more attention. For instance, the vomiting scene in the gym? Ugh. It’s just so gross! We need liquid courage for both of those moments, so when these things happen, start chugging.

…When we looked back to last year’s on-stage puke

…That extra-weird vomiting scene where they all end up playing in it

Bonus shot!

If your sipping drink just isn’t getting you drunk enough, we do have one moment where we encourage you to do a shot. Pour up your favorite alcohol and throw one back during…

…the ab reveal!

That dude will never be Becca’s… or ours.

Enjoy the movie, Pitches! You know we will.

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