You literally can’t blame Rick Springfield’s butt for its impact

This lawsuit sounds like it was a real pain in the butt for rocker Rick Springfield.

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Luckily, a jury saved Springfield’s rear when they declared that he (and his ass) were not negligent at a 2004 concert where a Liverpool woman claimed she endured a nasty headbutt — that is, she was hit and injured by Springfield’s ass.

While Springfield and his crack legal team are no doubt relishing the fact that the trial is over (and he may not be the butt of all these jokes for too much longer), it’s been a long, arduous process — one that required the “Jessie’s Girl” singer to, dare we say, work his butt off to prove his innocence.

We could have settled very easily,” Springfield said, according to Central New York Central. “But I will not do that. Especially when I know I’m in the right. It sets a bad [precedent]. There’s too many lawsuits in this country. And everybody knows it and everybody’s aware of it And this was one of the ones I thought should not have been brought to trial. And I was prepared to go to the wall with it.”

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The Central reports the jury deliberated for about an hour, and Springfield was not in the courtroom to hear the “not guilty” verdict.

Vicki Calcagno, the woman who sued Springfield, alleged that she suffered serious injuries after Springfield backed into her at a concert.

“She has a brain injury,” Kenneth Goldblatt, Calcagno’s attorney, said. “She hit her head at the concert. And she has a seizure disorder from that brain injury.”

According to the Central, Calcagno said the injuries she sustained cause her to have spasms and seizures.

“While the jury found against her, it took them awhile [sic] to actually come back with their verdict,” Goldblatt said. “And I think they were considering her credibility of her claims. And she is a good woman. And they should leave her alone.”

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