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11 Events that led to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s divorce

After a lengthy separation, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have officially filed for divorce.

Cannon quietly filed papers on Dec. 12, according to TMZ. Carey and Cannon were married for six years and share two children together, twins Monroe and Moroccan, who will turn 4 in April.

Cannon and Carey’s marriage may be over, but the way that they have handled their separation has been extremely respectful and respectable. Though the media scrutiny has undoubtedly been stressful for both, the two remained graceful and didn’t bow to the temptation of mudslinging.

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They have always been such an adorable couple and there is obviously still love between them. So what happened to Carey and Cannon’s union? Was it that they both have hectic schedules? Their age difference? Perhaps they just grew apart? We may never know and it probably doesn’t matter. We just wish them both the best.

Here’s a time line of all the public events leading up to their divorce filing.

December 2013: Carey makes public comments about Cannon’s availability

“I had preeclampsia, I had gestational diabetes, a really difficult pregnancy, and I was alone most of the time,” the singer said on Watch What Happens Live when asked if she planned on having more children. Carey also dropped some hints that the couple was leading bicoastal, separate lives. Around the same time, reports began surfacing that the two were divorcing because Carey had gotten sick of her husband’s publicity stunt high jinks.

May 2014: Cannon denies marital issues

After Carey’s comments sent the internet into a tailspin of speculation about their marriage, Cannon vehemently denied any issues in an interview with Parade magazine. “There’s no merit or truth to it,” he said of divorce rumors. “It’s kind of humorous, really. It couldn’t be further off from the truth and it really affects the credibility of the so-called newspapers.”

Aug. 21, 2014: Cannon confirms the couple has been living apart

One day after E! News reported an inside source claimed Cannon and Carey had been living separately for some time, Cannon confirms the information is true. “There is trouble in paradise. We have been living in separate houses for months,” he said to The Insider. “My main focus is my kids,” Cannon added.

Aug. 26, 2014: Cannon and Carey ditch their wedding rings

They are both seen out separately without their wedding rings for the first time, less than a week after Cannon’s confirmation of the separation.

Sept. 3, 2014: Cannon takes to Twitter to defend his relationship against the media

In a series of tweets, Cannon expresses his disdain for the way his marriage is being portrayed and sadness about the rumors being spread. Cannon also made it clear that he still had love and respect for Carey.

Oct. 5, 2014: Cannon covers “Mariah” tattoo

Cannon was photographed, shirtless, in Los Angeles with a large crucifix tattoo covering what used to be ink dedicated to Carey.

Oct. 6, 2014: Video footage of Carey alluding to Cannon cheating surfaces

While performing a cover of Billie Holiday’s song “Don’t Explain,” Carey changes a lyric to “I know you cheated, motherf***er,” which, of course, is recorded by a fan and promptly uploaded to YouTube. Her song leads to speculation about Cannon’s fidelity. Carey also came under criticism for her shaky voice and un-Mariah-like quality of the performance.
Image: YouTube

Oct. 8, 2014: Cannon defends Carey’s wavering performance

“You know you might have an off night here and there, but she’s one of the greatest performers and entertainers of all time,” he said, according to the Daily Mail. “She’s not worried, we’re not worried, just going to keep pushing.” Cannon also remained positive about his relationship with Carey. “I just wish her nothing but the best, we’re in contact constantly,” he added.

Dec. 2, 2014: Carey is extremely late for live Christmas event

Carey kept audiences for the NBC Rockefeller Center tree-lighting event waiting for three hours and gave another questionable performance when she finally took the stage. The singer was reportedly tardy because she was on the phone with lawyers, hammering out details of her impending divorce.

Dec. 8, 2014: Cannon confirms split

In an interview on Good Morning America, Cannon publicly confirmed that the separation had moved forward into a split. “You and I were just talking, Mariah and you are separated, Christmas is about family first and foremost,” host Lara Spencer said to Cannon. “Always focus on family,” Cannon replied. “We’ll forever be family. At the same time, we’re there for our children, making them the No. 1 priority and understanding they’re loved and can have an amazing holiday.”

Dec. 12, 2014: Cannon files for divorce

Cannon filed papers, ending hope for a reconciliation.

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