This is why we love Anna Kendrick and her candid tweets

Anna Kendrick is at it again.

She’s making us LOL with her hilarious tweets and candid interviews.

In a recent interview with Nylon magazine, the Pitch Perfect and Twilight actress said she isn’t worried about possibly offending anyone on social media.

Kendrick told the magazine, whose cover she is gracing next month, “I don’t give a f***. Twitter is only 140 characters. There’s really not that much that I could reveal, then later regret.”

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So much truth.

Yet we all know how celebrities and other famous folks have totally blown it in those short 140 characters (hello Chris Brown, Anthony Weiner, Alec Baldwin, Kenneth Cole and a slew of others who have managed to be as offensive as humanly possible in those 140 thoughtless microblogs).

But the candid actress keeps it pretty light, albeit hilarious, on her Twitter feed. And above all, she keeps it honest.

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For example, a few of her most recent tweets are:

What else would you expect from a woman whose best friend describes her as “the weirdest combo of impulsive tequila-drinking party girl and 80-year-old senator’s wife from Vermont.”

It’s an oddly specific and poignant characterization, but we totally see what she’s talking about.

When Nylon asked Kendrick about her “embarrassing” Ryan Gosling tweet from two years ago, that pretty still much gets continuous circulation, she still had no regrets and no wish for a filter.

She says, “Thank God I’ve never been in a room with him!”

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She continues, saying, “I don’t feel embarrassed, though. I’m sure he has a sense of humor. But I’d probably feel like I’d have to address [the tweet], and I’d end up saying something to make it much, much worse.”

Yeah, probably.

But then she’d tweet about it, and we’d all laugh and laugh and laugh.


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