Michael Strahan took his pants off at the Critics’ Choice Awards (VIDEO)

If you thought the Critics’ Choice Awards were going to be stuffy, you thought wrong, my friend. Thanks to host Michael Strahan and a sexy revue of male dancers, this year’s awards were anything but dull.

Prestigious, yes, but dull… well, definitely not.

To kick off the show, Michael Strahan emerged walking down a lane of sexy male dancers — a not-so-subtle nod to his role in Magic Mike XXL alongside Channing Tatum, out later this year.

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He joined in the dance routine, stopping just shy of ripping off his own clothes. Although not everyone looked too psyched about the skit (*cough* Patricia Arquette), the camera panned in on a few cougars sitting near the stage who seemed pretty pleased with the performance.

But just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Strahan took a break… and came back for more.

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After giving the typical Critics’ Choice Awards spiel and then singling out some of the actors and actresses nominated for awards — even joking with Ethan Hawke that he could be his costar for a Training Day sequel — Strahan brought the shtick full circle by commenting perhaps he would be in the crowd next year for his role in Magic Mike.

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Just in case they cut his scenes before the film hits theaters, though, the strapping Strahan decided to go ahead and drop trou.

Following a few seconds of some hot pantless dancing, Strahan said the thing we were all thinking: “I don’t have many lines in the movie, but who needs lines when you’ve got legs like this?”

Check out Michael Strahan’s stripped-down skit below!



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