TV finally gives us a black bachelor, but what took so long?

Jan 15, 2015 at 10:20 p.m. ET
Image: WE Tv / YouTube

Watching ABC's The Bachelor can make it seem like finding love is only for a very specific type of person: hot, successful... and white.

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A new dating reality show on WE tv hopes to change that: It's cast a black bachelor for the first season of Match Made in Heaven, airing beginning in February.

The show centers on Shawn Bullard, a successful real estate broker and self-proclaimed millionaire, aided on his quest for love by Pastor Ken Johnson, spiritual adviser to the Indianapolis Colts. According to the promo video, Bullard has 24 gorgeous, successful, mostly minority women to choose from.

WE tv describes the show this way: "Not only does the pastor weigh in on Shawn's choices, but when his very outspoken mother moves in, she too has a say on who could potentially be her daughter-in-law. While some ladies are sane and sweet, others are downright devilish leading to plenty of drama and bad behavior."

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And if the promo is any indication, "plenty of drama" is an understatement. There are dates, strong feelings, Bullard's mother telling the women that their "big boobs and big butts may go for Shawn, but it doesn't go for me."

Basically, it looks just as equal parts dramatic, awkward, hilarious and sweet as ABC's The Bachelor — but without the complete lack of diversity that sparked a lawsuit against The Bachelor and ABC in 2012 (the suit was dismissed).

The Bachelor is on Season 19 now and has yet to cast a black lead. Is it just us, or is that kind of ridiculous?

We're super stoked to see what this new show has to offer our guilty pleasure reality TV binge-watching. Check out the teaser video below, and then head to the comments to tell us what you think. Will you watch the show? Let us know.


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