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Miley Cyrus’ blurred boobs send Chris Hardwick into a feminist meltdown

We didn’t need another reason to love former Singled Out co-host, comedian and one of the world’s biggest nerds, Chris Hardwick. However, last night on his show @Midnight, he took a stand for #FreeTheNipple, and it was downright inspiring.

There are all kinds of reasons for people to stand up to Instagram about its incessant need to blur out boobage. Whether you’re just a horny dude, a firm believer in freedom of expression or just really sick of women being shamed for their bodies, you have plenty of steam to motivate you in the #FreeTheNipple campaign currently taking place. Everyone has shared their thoughts on the issue, from breastfeeding mamas to major celebs. But no one has been able to say it as eloquently and hysterically as Hardwick.

We’re, uh, we’re a little in love right now.

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Hardwick opened the show by commenting on Miley Cyrus’ latest non-music-related antics and jokingly (mostly) challenged Taylor Swift to try to keep up with Cyrus’ boob baring. It all quickly spiraled from there. Yet again, Instagram blurred out Cyrus’ nips, and Hardwick was fit to be tied in the best way possible. His rant lasted for a solid four minutes. But one of our favorite parts was when Hardwick challenged the censorship rules by showing his topless form in bed beside a lingerie-clad watermelon lady, challenging, “Why does her picture have to be blurred when I can show this pic that I posted on Instagram? Full nipple!”

Silliness aside, Hardwick’s rant continued and was filled with some funny and meaningful insight into the whole censorship issue. His biggest annoyances: Why a nipple is the “line of demarcation” in censoring the female body when it’s the most useful, that some people have decided to turn nipples into the enemy and the fact that anyone would ever stop a woman from willfully showing her body. And if that isn’t enough, just watch the video for his analogy on what censorship does to “human papilla.” From there, he gains full steam and makes fun of close-minded rednecks and mouth-breathers while still being oh-so-f***ing funny and smart.

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We didn’t need another reason to be Team Nerdist, but Hardwick’s rant definitely turned us into lifetime members. Do we get honorary points or anything? What if we show him our boobs?

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