Pastor Larry Tomczak fires back at Ellen DeGeneres and publicly bashes her

Christian pastor Larry Tomczak made headlines yesterday after Ellen DeGeneres commented on the article he wrote about her in the Christian Post, in which he takes aim at her “marriage” and accuses her of “celebrating her lesbianism” and having a “gay agenda.”

DeGeneres responded in the best way possible during an episode of her popular TV show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in which she addressed Tomczak and shared some important points: She is married, not “married,” and she has no agenda other than to influence people to be “more kind and compassionate with one another.” But Tomczak is not going to let the comedian have the last word.

Tomczak used the Christian Post as a platform to write a lengthy open letter to DeGeneres, in which he starts off praising the comedian before launching into a warning about the consequences of accepting gay marriage.

“Dear Ellen, Yesterday morning, I awoke to discover you spoke to me directly on your nationally syndicated, award-winning talk show,” Tomczak began. “I was stunned and humbled because I believe you are such an incredibly gifted comedian with a God-given gift to entertain and make people feel genuinely valued. You also have a megawatt smile that simply makes people feel happy.”

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However, his praise for DeGeneres did not last long.

Ellen, a nation rises or falls on marriage. If we dismantle this pillar of society, as it has existed for over 5000 [sic] years of Western civilization and redefine it to accommodate other arrangements such as yours (or those advocating for polyamorous, polygamous or other configurations) what will be the consequences for this sacred institution and the future of our nation?” Tomczak wrote.

He then went on to list five reasons why “gay ‘marriage’ is morally wrong and cannot be called a righteous, authentic marital union.” These reasons include because it “redefines and devalues the sacred institution of marriage,” and the fact that it is “contrary to the explicit teaching of every major world religion,” he wrote.

He also took aim at the fact that DeGeneres is a very powerful and influential woman and that she may not realize her comments are affecting impressionable youths. But Tomczak also made some very personal and harsh comments about DeGeneres’ life and her relationships.

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“Being 56 years old, childless and with your third ‘partner,’ you may not understand the awesome responsibility it is to shape impressionable and vulnerable children. I’ve done it with children and grandchildren plus helped parents for over 42 years with this most challenging task,” Tomczak wrote.

At this time, DeGeneres has not responded to the open letter.


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