Mariah Carey’s new Vegas residency: 5 Pros and 1 con for taking the gig

Move over, Britney. There’s about to be a new diva in Las Vegas, and she goes by the name of Mariah Carey. On Thursday, Jan. 15, the pop icon appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and announced that she’d be joining the strip for a Caesar’s Palace residency.

After weeks and weeks of rumors, confirmation of Carey’s stint is refreshing to hear. Plus, the fact that the residency is based on an updated version of her #1’s greatest hits compilation is even more exciting because the truth of the matter is, it’s been a tough few years for Carey as well as her fan base. From injuries to album delays and poor Photoshop controversy, it’s not easy to refer to yourself as part of the Lambily these days. Regardless, her Vegas residency is page one in a brand-new chapter of her career, which Carey could seriously benefit from.


1. Pop-star motherhood

Carey can figure out how to balance motherhood for dem babies. Who would have thought that Las Vegas could offer a sanctuary for pop-star moms? Much like Britney Spears’ case, it allows these artists to bring a razzle-dazzle show to fans and still maintain some normalcy that they might not experience on the road during a worldwide tour.

2. Nick Cannon aftermath

That normalcy also will give her time and space to figure out whatever the heck is going to happen with her split from husband Nick Cannon. Going through a divorce isn’t easy. Imagine being on the road and dealing with the crumbling.

3. Vegas is where it’s at

Aside from scheduling, Carey’s iconic over-the-top stature is one of the things Vegas has always been known for. No, Carey is not done with it. But yes, with such a wide discography, her brand is still a viable business that has proved to work well in the past for this location. Much like other veteran acts like Shania Twain and Elton John, Carey’s demographic fits the Vegas audience and is a little older than that of a younger act like Spears. Unless you have a super-cool grandma, we’re betting that she’d probably prefer to see MC as opposed to Britney or visit the nearby club for all the EDM happenings.

4. Vocal practice

Mariah is the voice, even if she’s having trouble with it lately. You see, the pop diva has been offering up flawless and unimaginable vocals for years, and at the first sign that she started having trouble with it, everybody went into douche mode. A singer’s voice is an instrument and, much like any instrument, will endure wear and tear. It’s not that Carey can’t sing anymore. It’s just after over two decades, her voice has become extremely inconsistent. Vegas would offer her an opportunity to really work on getting adjusted to the ideal notes and arrangements she should alter for some of these classic songs, so that she maintains the essence of the records, but still embraces the limitation of her current vocals.

5. PR makeover

If successful, this could also give Carey the chance for some killer PR on well-selling shows and stop people from thinking that just because you have one, two or maybe a few crappy performances as of late, that doesn’t mean you still don’t have one of the best voices in the industry.


1. What happens in Vegas will likely stay in Vegas

Vegas only really offers one con to Carey, and that is a double-edged sword. Killing it in Sin City would be great, but she needs to make sure she still makes an effort to get out and do press outside of the strip. Otherwise, her relevancy will be stuck to all that is Las Vegas. Keep on doing press for the show. Keep on releasing new music and videos. Just keep on keeping on!

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