Jimmy Kimmel’s plans for The Bachelor‘s Chris Soules are ‘so messed up’

Are big changes coming to The Bachelor?

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Before the season has even had time to heat up on its own, it may be getting a lot more scandalous, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host is set to take over the show next week, and, according to the promo videos for the special episode, he has game-changing plans for Chris Soules.

The videos reveal that Kimmel is moving into the The Bachelor mansion and running the show, and he’s going to start by putting his own moves on some of the eligible bachelorettes.

“I’m going to help by making love to each one of you,” he tells the women. Scandalous!

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One video also tells us Jimmy is in charge of planning the week’s dates, which apparently include a trip to Costco. (Who doesn’t love free samples? This is genius!) He also has some choice advice for Soules, who host Chris Harrison has already called “the easiest” bachelor ever.

“Try to make love with everyone,” Kimmel tells a shocked-looking Chris… in front of one of the girls, who replies, “You know I can hear you.”

The video also teases “one big game changer,” but it looks like we’ll have to wait for the dramatic — and, we’re sure, hilarious — week three episode to see what it is. It’s clearly a shock to the women, though — in the video, we see one of them emotionally telling the camera, “It’s messed up,” after Jimmy tells the whole group he has bad news.

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Check out the week three teaser video below and then tell us your predictions for the new episode. Are you looking forward to Jimmy Kimmel’s takeover of The Bachelor? We want to hear your thoughts — tell us below!



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