Jessica Chastain did a sexual gum commercial before she was famous (VIDEO)

Jan 14, 2015 at 8:50 p.m. ET

Jessica Chastain is breaking out of her dramatic, Oscar-nominated roles to show some comedy diversity with Jimmy Kimmel.

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Taking it back to the '80s, Kimmel and Chastain parodied an old Wrigley's gum commercial, showing the proper way to enjoy the flavor and chew. And apparently there's a right way and a very wrong way.

Kimmel explained the point of the fake informative commercial is to "instruct actors how to chew gum correctly in Wrigley's commercials."

And while Kimmel initially showed a portion of the footage, Chastain was quick to call out her offense that Kimmel didn't remember she, too, was in the video with him back in the day. "I completely remember," Chastain tells him. "I was so excited. I got my SAG card, and we, like, hung out all day. We had lunch and everything."

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"You taught people to load?" Kimmel asks her, nearly unable to believe it himself as excitement lights his face.

Luckily, the entire commercial was on hand for everyone's viewing pleasure.

The clip shows the proper way to "load" gum and then the correct facial features one should use upon loading and first experiencing the flavor.

Kimmel excelled at the perfect chewing gum face while Chastain needed some help. She swirled the "load" around on her tongue, pulling the gum until it snapped on her face. She didn't seem to mind, happily chomping on the piece still left in her mouth while another hung off her cheek. (Yup... it's really meant to be that dirty.)

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Her overindulged enthusiasm ends with an awkward upright bicycle ride with Kimmel all up in her inappropriate places and some gum in her beautiful red hair.

Watch the full parody below. It will definitely have you wishing Chastain did comedy more often.