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Chris Hemsworth’s Water War is so hot it’s almost NSFW (VIDEO)


News flash: Chris Hemsworth is really, ridiculously hot.

The muscles, the accent, the hair, the talent, the muscles, the eyes, the sense of humor… did we say the muscles? Suffice it to say, the Aussie is the the total package and it’s obvious why he was People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2014. Hemsworth is so smokin’ hot, in fact, that not even being doused with five glasses of water and a Super Soaker can cool him down.

We have hard proof to back this up, being that Jimmy Fallon orchestrated what is surely the most epic wet T-shirt contest ever in the history of the world. “We’re about to have a little Water War,” Fallon announced on a recent episode of The Tonight Show, as Hemsworth sat nervously across from him wearing a tight, white dress shirt. “We’re gonna play the card game War, but if you lose the hand you get a pint of water in the face. We each have five glasses of water. The first to throw all five on their opponent wins and gets to water cannon the loser.”

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As the war proceeded, it became evident that Fallon may have purposely stacked the deck in his favor, to which the world cries, “Thank you, Jimmy Fallon! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.” The game escalated quickly and Fallon pummeled Hemsworth with pint after pint of water, but the talk show host didn’t stick to his rules of hitting the opponent in the face. Instead, the glorious stream of water flowed over Hemsworth’s hair and onto his flimsy shirt.

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Spoiler alert: The game ended with Fallon’s victory and the end result was this:

The Water War left little question in anyone’s mind about Hemsworth’s sexiness. The YouTube comments for the video range from, “I’m not gay but that man would be all mine if we were alone,” to, “Dear Jimmy, Thank you. Sincerely, My ovaries.” Watch the full game below and we dare you to disagree.
Images: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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