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Is Patricia Driscoll really an assassin? 8 Things that point to yes

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch is testifying against his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll this week after requesting a protective order, claiming she’s a trained assassin.

Though the reports initially sound outrageous, Busch actually has some good points and specific explanations that indicate his ex is actually a killer.

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1. She and her lawyer aren’t denying the claims

According to local television station WBOC, “Neither Driscoll nor her attorney refuted testimony about her telling people she was a trained assassin.”

Of course, Busch just testified in court this week, so it’s still too soon to tell how Driscoll will respond.

2. She’s intelligent

Don’t be fooled by this girl’s golden-blond locks. She’s got a lot more than beauty. Aside from her myriad intelligence careers, she also writes on a variety of topics, including veterans and support for troops.

She was the executive producer of the 2010 documentary That Which I Love Destroys Me. And she co-authored the book Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts: Stories of American Soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD.

3. She is the president of the Armed Forces Foundation

The organization focuses on providing financial assistance to wounded service personnel and their families. It also offers assistance with moral activities, career enhancements and educational opportunities.

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4. She is the CEO of Frontline Defense Systems

The company provides help and solutions relating to surveillance systems. This could also be seen as Driscoll being a lady who knows how to be sneaky when necessary.

5. She looks like she’s super in-shape

And she and her son work out together in the mornings.

6. The El Paso, Texas story

The whole case will make for a great Lifetime movie one day, but this particular story especially stuck out in the reports.

Busch said the couple was once in El Paso, Texas. Driscoll left for the evening wearing camouflage and boots, but when she returned she was dressed in a trench coat. Under the coat, Busch testifies she was wearing an evening gown, which was splattered with blood and other matter.

If that didn’t raise a red flag then I have no idea why Busch is only now terrified of his ex. He must have nerves of steel.

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7. She spent the majority of her career in the narcotics and intelligence world

According to the Armed Forces Foundation’s website, Driscoll “consults on security-related issues to the United States government and international corporations.” Her bio also states that she spent the majority of her career in the narcotics and intelligence world.

8. Witness testimony

A friend of Busch’s testified on Tuesday that Driscoll, who was upset over the breakup, vowed to take Busch down. The friend heard Driscoll’s remarks just hours before she claimed Busch assaulted her, according to Daily Mail.

Do you think it could be possible that Patricia Driscoll is a trained assassin?

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