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Why Matt LeBlanc hated talking with the royal family… Like a lot (VIDEO)

The Friends reunion is definitely not happening and Matt LeBlanc will curse at some royals to prove it.

During an interview on Conan, LeBlanc recounted an experience at a polo match where he had the opportunity to meet Prince William and Prince Harry while he was in London.

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It didn’t go so well.

“All they want to know is when is the Friends reunion,” LeBlanc explained. “That’s all they wanted to know about.”

“What’d you tell them?” host Conan O’Brien asked.

“I told them to f*** off,” LeBlanc said completely seriously.

Of course, LeBlanc couldn’t seem to keep a straight face for long after recounting his harsh response to the princes, but we can’t help but catch on to some underlying animosity over the encounter.

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“No, no,” LeBlanc promises as the audiences laughed, assuring everyone he didn’t actually swear at the royals. “They were really cool,” LeBlanc continued.

LeBlanc confirmed that Prince Harry is “a lot of fun.” He even continued with the joke, “You redheaded guys are a blast.” O’Brien is, of course, another famous redhead.

LeBlanc has now moved on to a new show, Episodes, but the interview circuit must be a lesson in escaping your past, since LeBlanc can’t seem to dodge a Friends question to save his life. We don’t blame the actor for getting sick of it. Friends, after all, ended over 10 years ago.

LeBlanc has also been vocal as of late about his resistance to the Friends reunion questions.

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During an interview with Meredith Vieira, he said he would love a reunion, but he’s too old. “No one wants to see a middle-aged Joey.”

On a different occasion, LeBlanc stated that a Friends reunion would actually disappoint fans. “The show was about a finite period of time,” he explained to Entertainment Weekly. “Before you got married and went off to start your life with a family. It was that magical time that everyone can relate to. To see what we’re doing now… I’d rather imagine that.”

Check out LeBlanc’s full interview with O’Brien below.

Do you think a Friends reunion should happen?

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