You can rent rapper Riff Raff for prom night — seriously!

Brace yourselves, high school ladies.

You are about to be floored by this news. You, yes lowly, regular ol’ person you, can be the lucky lady on the arm of rapper Riff Raff for your prom night.

And for the totally reasonable price of $28,000. The best part: He will throw in a Lamborghini ride, too!

I know. I am as excited as your father is now terrified (read: totally sarcasm)!

And the answer to your burning question, “Does he still have the bedazzled Justin Timberlake knockoff jean suit?”

Let’s hope so. Thank you to Spin magazine for helping us picture ourselves with this gem of a man.

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Riff Raff, known for his awesome pink cornrows and even better tattoos, has offered to go to prom with someone for the small fee. Your rapper rental will include a night in a penthouse hotel suite and a weeklong promotion on Twitter and Instagram.

There it is. There’s the kicker. It’s a social media “stunt.”

But think of the followers you’ll gain! Riff Raff says having him as a date will shoot you into the high school cool stratosphere. “PULL UP iN A LAMBORGHiNi SO THAT YOUR WHOLE SCHOOL KNOWS YOU ARE WiTH JODY HiGHROLLER AND U ARE NOW A LEGEND AT YOUR SCHOOL”

Who can resist all those caps and lowercase i’s?

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As long as you are in high school and over the age of 18, you’re good. So… calling all seniors.

Imagine all the freestyle videos and iconic prom pictures being taken all night.

We cannot wait for all those videos.

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