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50 Shades meets Beauty and the Beast in this messed up trailer

I don’t think I can ever watch Beauty and the Beast the same way after seeing this Fifty Shades of Grey rendition.

Who knew the classic Disney film could be so closely tied to the innocent fairy tale? But, as this video proves, the characters can easily transition from romantic and sweet to something your children should never see.

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Just as in the movie, this parody opens with Belle stumbling upon the castle after getting lost in the woods.

Then we flash to Belle sitting in a cafe discussing what she liked about the beast with her fellow princess friend. “He was polite, handsome, smart… he was really intimidating,” she says, seeming super into it.

Belle’s dad gets a Southern accent as he lectures his daughter to stay away from the beast, but Belle assures him she hasn’t changed her good girl ways. Uh-huh.

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“I don’t do romance. Look at me. I’m a… monster,” the beast tells Belle when she expresses her desire for him. And this is the part where we gasp because the classic Disney movie takes on a whole new meaning right in this moment.

E L James has publicly said she began writing her erotic series as Twilight fan fiction. And the characters of Edward and Bella also follow a similar story line to Beauty and the Beast. Of course, the tale was alive before Disney took on the story as a cartoon. The original fairy tale was written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont all the way back in 1756.

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So maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised the story can live on in so many different forms. The creators of this video have just taken it one step too far. Still, this parody will definitely get you thinking about the kind of supposed “fairy tales” that may influence our children in unexpected ways. Maybe this explains Fifty Shades of Grey‘s popularity a little more.

Check out the full parody video below.

50 Shades Of Beauty & The Beast by itsalexclark

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