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7 Signs you’re way too obsessed with Community (just like us…)

We’re so close to the Community Season 6 premiere on Yahoo! that we can almost taste it! It’s been a long, bumpy ride, but for all those true Community fans, the study group has never been far from our thoughts.

You’re probably an obsessive fan like us, if…

1. You’ve ever sat through Doctor Who and wondered how they could use this in “Inspector Spacetime”


With the way things are going, we’re ready to give up on Clara and demand some real “Spacetime” episodes with a hopefully more likable companion.

2. You started community college in the last five years and were severely disappointed


What do you mean there are no study groups? What do you mean there is no Dean?!

3. You’ve thought about what your darkest timeline would look like


That moment when you could have clawed the eyes out of the girl who stole your boyfriend? You spend a lot of time wondering what happened to that version of yourself.

4. You own this sweatshirt


Half a point if you don’t own it but you wish you did.

5. You know exactly the best places to hide and reload on your campus


Why isn’t there an intramural paintball assassin league at your college? Not fair!

6. You’ve spent time thinking about how Winger’s biggest downfall is himself


Get a grip, Jeff! Give one of those big speeches to yourself.

7. You know that one hallway on East Campus would be terrible if someone declared campus-wide hot lava


Why aren’t there any classroom doors? There aren’t any chairs or benches or desks. You’d die. Immediately.

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