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Ellen’s reaction to Clooney’s Golden Globes speech is hilarious (VIDEO)

A shocked Ellen DeGeneres can’t believe it when it turns out George Clooney’s touching Golden Globes speech isn’t about her — and her reaction is priceless!

DeGeneres’ spoof videos are legendary — her Fifty Shades of Grey takeoff is one of our all-time faves — and she doesn’t disappoint with her latest.

Gently mocking lovebirds George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, the talk-show host donned a dress and inserted herself next to the lovely bride as they both gazed adoringly at Clooney while he made that speech. It’s what happened next, though, that will make you bust out laughing.

“Did you see George Clooney’s speech at the Golden Globes the other night?” DeGeneres asked, referring to the actor winning his Cecil B. DeMille award.

“There were a lot of good speeches, and his was amazing. It just did not end the way that I thought it would,” she added.

Watch Ellen DeGeneres get googly eyed over George Clooney
Wow, DeGeneres really gives Alamuddin a run for her money with the flirty face!

“I don’t know why she sat me next to her or why I was wearing a dress,” she quipped.

Tell us: Would George and Ellen make a better couple than George and Amal?

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