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Tim Tebow is Jimmy Kimmel’s latest victim in Mean Tweets (VIDEO)

By now we’re sure you’ve been witness to at least one of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets segments, but this new football edition is arguably one of the best.

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The segment aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, but instead of having the usual Hollywood celebs reading nasty messages about themselves, Kimmel decided to make a special edition titled “College Football Playoff Edition.”

Some of the sports stars included in the segment were Jesse Palmer, Tim Tebow, Scott Van Pelt, ESPN’s Heather Cox, Lou Holtz, Chris Fowler and former Michigan Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke. And if these tweets are anything to go by, you definitely do not want to get on the wrong side of sports fans.

“This is where celebrities read all the horrible things people say about them on the internet,” Kimmel stated. “But when it comes to mean comments, no fans compare to sports fans. So with that said, I asked some of our favorite college football broadcasters and coaches to open themselves up to the horrors of the internet for a special CFP Championship edition of Mean Tweets.”

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Some of our favorite comments include the one about Tebow, which he read in fits of laughter. “Tim Tebow is not cute, sexy, or hott. He ugly. Sorry bout it.”

Lou Holtz got a particularly nasty one and his reaction was hilarious. It read, “Lou holtz looks like a creepy ventriloquist puppet and sounds like daffy duck.”

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And the one about Mark May proves that he has some angry sports fans out there who want to send him a not-so-nice present in the mail. The tweet reads, “I’m about to send Mark May poop in the mail,” to which he hilariously responded, “Join the club.”

Watch the hilarious video below.

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