Zooey Deschanel's pregnant: How will New Girl handle her growing baby bump?

Jan 13, 2015 at 1:02 p.m. ET

We couldn't be more excited about the news that Zooey Deschanel is expecting a baby. Like, we already know it will be the cutest baby on the planet. But how will her big news and growing belly affect New Girl? We have a few ideas. Listen up!

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Of course, they could ignore it. It would hardly be the first time a show has completely ignored and hidden the lead actress' pregnancy. However, we think this might be the worst idea ever. We love New Girl, and we tune in each week, but it's not hard to admit things are getting a little stagnant. We love the new, rich, accented boyfriend, but we're certain it's only a matter of time before Jess messes up and Nick is there to fall back on. And, of course, we'll be glad. So, instead of just assuming they'll continue the successful run of shows that ignore actress' pregnancies, let's imagine the possibilities that come with embracing a pregnant Jess.

But who's the baby daddy?

Jess has had a lot of boyfriends, but there are only two clear candidates for the role of baby daddy: Nick or Jess' hot, castle-owning British boyfriend/co-worker. If the baby is her new boyfriend's, we could see the series take on a new spin where Jess moves to England with his family and becomes the "new girl" all over again. However, we don't want to say goodbye to Nick, Winston, Schmidt or Coach, so we're ruling that out. One way or another, that baby needs to belong to Nick.

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And, obviously, she'll have a girl

Jess is hardly the "new girl" anymore, right? The only way to breathe new life into the title is for the baby girl to become the new girl in the apartment. It's kinda perfect.

Boys + pregnancy hormones = belly laughs

We've watched the guys slowly adjust to living with a girl, and they've adapted quite well. But what happens when her cravings get weird, her nesting takes over and her hormones go haywire? Watching Coach deal with a sobbing pregnant lady or seeing Schmidt swallow the thought of his closet becoming a nursery is just too golden to ignore. Obviously, the person who will adapt best to all these changes is Winston as he's the most sensitive.

Also: Four roommates and a baby

We almost spun it entirely to "four men and a baby" as an ode to one of our favorite movies, but we reconsidered. After all, Jess' roomies are still pretty immature and not exactly "men." We can't wait to see Nick with a baby bundled up in his plaid shirt, though. And who will be the one to go crazy with child safety gadgets? These are must-see antics!

How will a baby change Jess' friendship with Cece?

One big and entirely real issue Jess will face as an expecting and new mom is how to make time for the new baby and the old friend. Cece isn't exactly all about the baby. Will she quickly fall for the runt and become a doting aunt... or will Jess' new demands force a wedge into their closeness? This is real-life stuff here, guys! We never see our best friend anymore. She's too busy dealing with her spawn of Satan. Will Cece find herself in a similar boat?

Whatever New Girl's showrunners decide, we're sure it will make for excellent television viewing. We're crossing our fingers that they embrace the bump, though, and throw Jess a real curveball.

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