Macklemore’s ‘trash popping’ parody on Sesame Street has us so confused

This is gross and… well, more confusing than awesome.

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Macklemore is a surprising guest to have on Sesame Street to begin with, but we honestly don’t know what to think about the parody of “Thrift Shop” he performed with Oscar the Grouch on the show. It’s all about hunting through the trash — to find something to wear. Um, what?

“I’m gonna pop some trash, only got seven bags in my trash can,” the Sesame Street characters sing, while Macklemore dances behind them in his famously ridiculous “Thrift Shop” getup. “I’m shopping, looking for some rubbish. This is gross and awesome.”

So, let us get this straight. Sesame Street, the beloved children’s show that’s been airing on public television for almost half a century, is using a song about shoplifting to create a parody about wearing garbage? Is that actually what’s happening here?

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The lyrics only get weirder from that point.

“Wouldn’t you like to rock a fish on your noodle?” asks Macklemore from a Sesame Street front porch.

“One grouch’s trash: That’s another grouch’s outfit. I had a broken scooter, I bought a broken scooter,” he continues. “I got a dented sax and a banged-up computer.”

The song also lauds wearing “grouchy clothes” to “look deplorable” by wearing “fishy hats from the grouch shop down the street.”

So, who even knows what’s going on here. Part of the song is about wearing trash, part of it is about broken scooters and electronics, part of it is about shopping like a grouch — but it’s all a pretty weird parody. Sure, it was written for toddlers. But Macklemore is one of the better musicians around, and with his progressive views about marriage equality, he’s not a bad role model for kids. We just wish he could do better than this weird parody.

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What do you think of the song? Check out the full video above and then tell us in the comments whether you think it’s fun, or just plain weird.