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Chris Brown performance has terrifying end when 5 shots were fired (VIDEO)


It just seems like bad news follows this guy around.

It was a terrifying evening for clubgoers when shots rang out early Sunday morning at a nightclub where Chris Brown was performing.

Brown was singing at the Fiesta Night Club in San Jose, California, for a VIP birthday event where tickets were reportedly sold for as much as $2,500.

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The details are still a little fuzzy, but it has been reported that five shots were fired and four people were injured and taken to the hospital from the nightclub; one showed up at the emergency room later.

At this point, we do not know if anyone has been arrested, although several people were reportedly detained that evening.

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Of course, lots of folks had their phones out and were taking videos, so much of the melee was captured and has been turning up on social media as well as much of the bedlam that followed the shooting.

It appears Brown’s bodyguard may have noticed something disturbing the crowd as you can see him pointing in the direction of where the shots appear to have been fired. Then the expression on Brown’s face changes from a smile to concern as he realizes something is wrong.

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This Instagram user posted Brown and his bodyguard’s reaction to the first shots.
The full video includes footage of people lying on the floor and literally running for their lives and is very disturbing and difficult to watch.

Please view the following video with extreme caution. You can watch the entire terrifying event play out here.

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