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Giuliana Rancic was viciously attacked for her appearance at the Golden Globes (PHOTOS)


Body shaming isn’t just for the extra curvy girls.

Women of all sizes are constantly being told they are too big, too small, too this, too that. The internet is full of people who like to tell others what they should look like.

Well, Twitter’s latest victim is none other than Giuliana Rancic. The E! news correspondent who was covering the red carpet for the Golden Globes was, and still is, being ripped apart for her thin frame.

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The mother of one and reality TV star has always been pretty thin, so it’s not as if this is some drastic change in her appearance or sudden dangerous weight loss.

Twitter trolls are so bad, they can’t even spell the woman’s name correctly in their hashtags!

But during a night when so many female actors used their acceptance speeches to empower other women, we thought it was sad that all Twitter could do was rip Rancic apart.

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Let’s take a second here to remember that Rancic is much more than her weight — and because of her hard work — deserved to be front and center at the 2015 Golden Globes. Not only has she always preached that women should follow their dreams, give back and work hard, but she’s also been open about her health issues and fertility problems.

She was very public about her fight with breast cancer back in 2011 when she announced on the Today Show that she had been diagnosed in the early stages, and later decided to undergo a double mastectomy. And if that wasn’t enough, the woman announced just four months later that after struggling to get pregnant, she would finally be expecting her first child, thanks to a surrogate. All of this was documented on her reality television show Giuliana and Bill.

Talk about overcoming adversity and showing what it means to be open and strong.

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Assuming she is not eating, that she is unhealthy or to be as bold and inappropriate as to suggest she has an eating disorder is just another version of body shaming.

We as a human race, and especially as women, need to stop body shaming altogether. It is all too easy to attack a person from your couch without thinking how it may affect them. Does Giuliana have a problem? We don’t know. Is it any of our business? No. Did she see the hundreds, maybe thousands of mean tweets that were pouring in? Absolutely. And how do you think those tweets made her feel?

If she does have a body image issue, aren’t we just making it worse? Either way, let’s just get over it. Women look different — some are strong, some are thin, some are curvy. Giuliana looked fabulous and, as always, killed it on the red carpet. We’d like to see some of these couch critics go on TV and do what she does with humor and grace.

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Luckily, not everyone had negative things to say. Some folks thought she looked great and tweeted about her fabulous pink frock; some even came to her defense. We, for one, want to congratulate Rancic on a job well done and thank her for constantly bringing us entertainment before the award shows begin!

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