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House of Cards trailer: Are Frank and Claire on the rocks?

Big things are happening in the House of Cards sphere: Kevin Spacey just won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the calculated/psychopathic Frank Underwood, and Netflix has released the trailer for the show’s third season.

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The 45-second trailer doesn’t give too much away, but we can ascertain this: There will be drama coming out of the wazoo when Season 3 is released. Underscored by the pulsating drumbeat of the song accompanying the images, the trailer reveals things in House of Cards‘ third outing will be intense, to say the least.

Among other things, we catch glimpses of Frank in the Oval Office, protests, soldiers, a state burial and a handshake refusal. The most telling part of the trailer, however, is the divide that seems to exist between the usually formidable duo of Frank and Claire Underwood.

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In fact, the only time the pair seems to be united in this trailer is when Claire fixes Frank’s bow tie. Could it be that the previously unstoppable and indivisible couple with one of the most fascinating marriages on television is crumbling? Both seem to be dealing with their own individual crises, but things aren’t looking that great when they’re together.

The trailer features very compelling and telling footage of Frank and Claire symmetrically walking off in opposite directions. They sit stony-faced and silently, staring out their respective windows, in the presidential vehicle. Oh, and a man, who isn’t Frank, kisses Claire.

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But the biggest indication they are at odds comes in the form of their differing views on their behavior. “We’re murderers, Francis,” Claire tells Frank, her back to him. “We’re survivors,” he counters pointedly.

Hmm, no, Frank; that subway train remembers it differently. You’re definitely murderers. No two ways about it. We’re Team Claire on this one. Although, is anyone ever Team Frank?

House of Cards Season 3 premieres on Netflix on Feb. 27. You can watch the new trailer below.

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