6 Girls spoilers to get you through the week

Girls Season 4 just kicked off, but that doesn’t mean we don’t already know what’s ahead. Between pictures from Episode 2 and press releases for the second and third episodes, we have some big ideas for what’s ahead.

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1) Hannah ups her housing game

Looks like Hannah will go from needing to share an apartment with her besties to a party-throwing homeowner. We won’t call this a 100 percent sure thing, but it sure seems that way from the previews. In HBO’s Episode 2 press releases, it even hints at her new housing situation, saying, “In her first days as a grad student, Hannah discovers she can get more for her money, rentwise, in Iowa.” Sweet.

2) But a reality check is on the way

After years of only being fed compliments on her writing from her friends and parents, the writers’ workshop is a no-holds-barred kind of place and her fellow students are less impressed with her work. According to the press release, “At her first seminar, Hannah warns her fellow workshop writers that her piece might trigger some intense emotions – but doesn’t get the feedback she had hoped for.” Poor Hannah!

3) And she’s really bored

By Episode 3, it looks like Hannah will be bored with her new surroundings. Ever the underachiever, Hannah only signed up for one class a semester, leaving her with a lot of free time and nothing to do with it. When Elijah shows up, he’ll find he can live the high life in Iowa… only leading to more jealousy and depression from Hannah.

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4) Adam lands in deep shit

In one of the first previews for Girls Season 4, we saw Jessa being dragged from an apartment building in handcuffs and wondered if that was Adam in the corner. Turns out, that’s exactly who it was. According to the Episode 3 teaser, “Adam unwittingly gets drawn into Jessa’s chaotic web after an AA meeting.” Something tells us this is in relation to Jessa’s failed efforts to help with that suicide last year. We also can’t help but wonder if this story line will lead to more from them in the future. After all, the premiere episode showed Jessa scolding Hannah for not dumping Adam. Is it possible Jessa wants him for herself?

5) Marnie and Shosh both struggle

Marn and Shoshie are both heading out on new endeavors in life. Marnie is continuing her struggle to become a professional singer and sleeping with her musical partner, Desi. Shoshanna is fresh out of college and looking for a job. HBO promises that their roads are all smooth, though. “Ray gives Marnie a wake-up call about Desi’s true intentions before their meeting with a record label,” the Episode 3 release says, adding, “Shoshanna aces, then blows, a job interview.”

6) They’ll all end up together again, soon

Need proof everything will be OK and that our girls will soon end up back in each other’s lives? Check out this picture from Episode 6. It definitely looks like they’re back in New York, right?


We can’t wait to see where else Girls Season 4 takes us.

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