Galavant: 54 Reactions to the musical comedy’s third episode

After airing its first two — and very well-received — episodes back to back last week, ABC’s Galavant got right back on the proverbial and literal horse this week. The third episode did nothing to dull our infatuation with the show.

Once again, my colleague Deirdre Kaye and I got together over text message to watch Galavant and engage in a conversation about the show’s third episode. The conversation included, but was not limited to, some general sharing of thoughts, banter, the occasional revelation of insanity and the odd insult here and there. Here’s what went down.

What we missed on Galavant

Text 1

The squire cleans Galavant’s sleeves

Text 2

The king forces the jester into telling a joke

Text 3

The kicking of the balls

Text 4

The king sends Madalena and the jester off together

Text 5

Dining with Galavant’s squire’s family

Text 6

Galavant and Princess Isabella begin fighting

Text 7

The drummer plays for the king

Text 8

The squires sing their song

Text 9

The king burns the vegetables

Text 10

The band begins playing

Text 11

The king orders the ball-less man to die

Text 12

Final thoughts

Text 13


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