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15 Super-sexist things Disneyland’s Gaston says

It’s not as though Gaston is known for being a humble guy. But check out the misogynistic lines the Disneyland character drops. It’s no wonder little girls are going toe-to-toe with this arrogant guy!

Ah, yes. No one brags like Gaston, no one gloats like Gaston, no one reduces women to sexist clichés like Gaston. Just do a cursory search for “Disney Gaston” on YouTube and you’ll be rewarded with more than a few shining examples of his unique breed of machismo. Like these 15, uh, real winners we gleaned.

1. “Do you just like talking to me from over there or do you want to come visit, too? If it’s too much manliness, it’s all right.”

2. “You’re a girl — you should never have more than one thing on your mind.”

3. “This girl has challenged Gaston for the championship of arm wrestling in my village!”

4. “If I’d have done that to you, you’d still be passed out from swooning.”

5. “I don’t even know where this girl came from, but somebody needs to put her back in a kitchen right now.”

6. “Go ahead — smile like you’re making me a sandwich.”

7. “Girl, go do what you’re meant to do in life — bake.”

8. “Do you think you’re strong enough to keep her away from books? If she reads, she’ll never give you a foot massage.”

9. “Just go stare at my statue for awhile and come to your senses.”

10. “I’ve been outdone by a girl… a short one.”

11. “I do love speechlessness — it’s a great quality in a woman.”

12. “Look at his worthless boots! I want you massaging his feet. Over there on my statues — go, now.”

13. “You don’t have any books for reading, do you? If you do, just throw them out.”

14. “No more thinking for you. You’ve already done enough of that.”

15. “If she fixes me three square meals a day, I’ll let her be one-half of the best power couple Disney’s ever seen.”

There’s a silver lining, though. In between Gaston’s cockiness and catcalling, you’ll catch glimpses of little girls stepping up to put him in his place (check out the adorably gutsy girl in the video below!). And then, if you’re feeling particularly feisty, feel free to head on over to Disneyland and wait in line for a shot of your own. If Gaston is to be believed, he’s totally worth the wait.

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