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Michael Sam is engaged: 8 Things to know about his fiancé

Things in NFL player Michael Sam’s life are getting better: he’s reportedly just gotten engaged to his longtime boyfriend Vito Cammisano.

According to TMZ, the couple got engaged during a romantic trip to Europe, just in time for Sam’s 25th birthday. Although there are not too many details on how the proposal went down at this stage, according to the gossip site one of Cammisano’s friends took to social media to congratulate the lovebirds on their engagement.

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Here are some things you should know about Vito Cammisano and his beautiful relationship with Sam.

They were college sweethearts

The couple met at party when they were students at the University of Missouri when Sam was a freshman.

Cammisano comes from a mob family

According to the New York Daily News, Cammisano comes from a family of Midwest mobsters. Apparently, Michael Sam’s beau is the grandson of the late Mafia boss William “Willie the Rat” Cammisano.

Both are talented athletes

Cammisano was a star swimmer in college from 2009 to 2012. And Sam is of course a talented athlete and the first openly gay football player to be drafted by an NFL team.

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It was not love at first sight

Sam and Cammisano did not fall in love at first sight — in fact, their first meeting was pretty rocky. Sam met Cammisano at a college lingerie party (Cammisano was dressed as a rabbit and was terribly drunk at the time).

During an interview with Out magazine, Sam revealed his first encounter with his now-fiancé, saying, “I went up to him to ask if he was OK, and he started cursing at me, screaming, ”F*** off — do you know who I am?'” Sam told the mag. “I told him I didn’t care who he was. We didn’t speak again for two years.”

He graduated with a degree in communications

According to the New York Daily News, in 2013 Cammisano graduated from the University Missouri with a degree in communications.

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He’s a Missouri boy

The headline says it all: Vito Cammisano is from Kansas City, Missouri.

He’s the only son

According to ABC News, Cammisano is the only son of Jerry and Josephine Cammisano, but he does have two older sisters.

Christmas brought them back together

When the couple started dating in 2011, Sam was not yet out and so the pair had to sneak around. Sam revealed during a documentary with OWN, via the Daily Mail, that this eventually became too much for Cammisano and the pair decided to call it quits. But later that year they got together for Christmas and that is when they realized they missed each other, and the rest is history.

Congratulations to the happy couple. We wish them all the best in their future together.

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