Girls: 6 Reasons why I’m Team Marnie

Yeah, yeah. I get it. Shosh is whimsical and ditzy, Jessa is flighty and the kind of Bohemian you wish you could be and Hannah is so imperfect it’s supposed to be endearing. And Marnie? Well, Marnie has her shit together. And no one likes that.

But, maybe you should like that. Maybe it’s time we stop idealizing the entitled, the flaky and the unrealistic and start cherishing the one girl from Girls who knows what it takes to be a grown-up. She’s not perfect. She makes mistakes. Remember Booth? She gets it right sometimes, too, though… and those moments deserve attention.

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1. That time she performed Kanye

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All right. She was drunk and, yes, she embarrassed herself. But can we all just agree that it was kind of a magnificent song choice?

2. Her relationship with Charlie

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Look, I’m not suggesting it was perfect. Things rarely are when you’ve been with someone since you were 19. But girlfriend tried. She tried real hard. While he struggled as a musician, she stuck by his side. That took courage, determination and a lot of love. Give her some props.

3. She works… always

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Shosh is off the hook because she’s still in school. But, WTF is Jessa ever doing? And Hannah?! She’s had more jobs than she’s had anything else. And whenever one fails, she spends as much time possible milking her parents for money instead of getting back out there. Marnie, though? When she was laid off because her boss was sleeping with the lackey, she immediately looked for a new job. Sure, she had to wear a ridiculous outfit… but she made sure she could pay her own bills.

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4. Her understanding of life

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Marnie gets that life sucks. Sometimes, she even lets the suck pull her in. But don’t we all? Instead of remaining optimistic in the knowledge that Mommy and Daddy will bail her out or being completely aloof to the bad stuff, she recognizes life for just how terrible it really is. She fumes for a while, but then she moves on. Like when Charlie dumped her, got a new girlfriend and became a millionaire after she spent years struggling along beside him. She sulked… and then she let it go.

5. She gets shit done

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Beyond just making sure she has a job or she moves on from dumb boys, Marnie is the one who shows up with groceries, makes dinner and has extra rent money set aside for when her best friend stops paying her half. Does she get a little uptight? Uh, yes. But that personality trait is what kept a roof over Hannah’s head for a while.

6. Everything with Ray

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Jesus, I love Ray. In the words of Someecards, I want to date him so hard and then I wanna marry the shit out of him. He’s just the right amount of surly and sweet. Sure, she’s not treating him right just yet. But ya know, what? I have hope. I have a ton of hope.

What can I say? I like Marnie. That might be because I am a Marnie. But honestly, I think the world would be a much better place if there were more Marnies and fewer Hannahs.

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